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Selling your Home

Q. How long does the process take?
A. It can take anything from 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on how clear the title is and how expedient the solicitor acting for you and the buyer.

Q. How much does conveyancing cost?
A. It is worth while speaking to a couple of solicitors as at the moment, this is a very competitive market and generally you will be able to get yourself quite a good deal - generally speaking it costs around €2,000/3,000  for a 3 bedroomed house.

Q. If the buyers pay a deposit on sale agreeing the property, will they lose this if they pull out?
A. The deposit is refundable upon either party pulling out of the sale until contracts have been signed by both parties.

Q. Do you supply signs for free?
A. We do, but we have to pay a sign erector to put them in place which costs in the region of €70 to €100 plus VAT depending on where the property is located.

Q. Do you supply free advertising?
A. We do not charge for web advertising, but any local newspaper advertising must be paid for.

Q. Where do you source your buyers from?
A. We have a database of interested buyers who have made enquiries of us in the past and at seminars and auctions. We keep this up to date and inform them of any new properties coming on the market.

Q. Will you disrupt my family with viewings at mealtimes?
A. We try to cause the least disruption possible by giving you as much notice as is practicable and arranging the viewings to suit the individual.

Q. Do you qualify buyers so that they are not wasting my time?
A. We identify whether the buyer is genuine and has loan approval.

Tips to prevent foreclosure

  1. Be proactive. Contact your loan servicer immediately.
    • You can find the contact information on your monthly mortgage bill.
    • Lenders can work out plans to allow you to stay in your home.
    • Ask about foreclosure alternatives.
    • Be prepared to disclose detailed financial information. 
    • Provide requested information in timely manner.
    • Be ready to change your spending habits and create a budget. 
    • Open mail and respond to calls from your loan servicer promptly. Failure to respond in a timely manner can result in more foreclosure actions and additional cost.
  2. Consider refinancing your loan.
    • Refinancing to a fixed-rate, fully amortized lower-cost loan may help. 
  3. Notify your other creditors.
    You may be able to lower interest rates on your credit cards or consolidate some of your other loans. You can put the savings toward your mortgage.
  4. Create a budget.
    You may find areas you can save and put the money toward keeping your home.
  5. Re-read your mortgage agreement.
    Understanding the document is critical.
  6. Do not sign over the deed to your property to any organisation or person if you are not working directly with your lender to get your debt forgiven.

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